Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)

Head of Operations @ProductHunt / @AngelList Previously Communications @Groupon. Mini Schnauzer enthusiast 🐶 Human to Dele.

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It's my favourite app on my homescreen right now because I can see all my happy memories. My niece, my friends etc. I also have a puppy and can't stop taking his photo even though he's always by my side. If I'm not directly looking at my puppy, I'm looking at photo's of my puppy.
JoelJesse Russellruchi
These are the comfiest boots I have ever owned. I'm onto my third pair. I usually get a pair every 3ish years - although this last pair is still going strong. I have a scruffy pair for my daily dog walk, and a newer pair for smarter wear until they get relegated. Love them.
After seeing lots of good comments about these shoes on YourStack, I took the plunge and ordered a pair. My old running shoes had had it and I wanted something that I could wear running but also as just a casual shoe. I'm so happy with them! Thanks all for the recommendation.
Coleman FoleyEmilyRahul
A perfect game for Social Distancing.
ruchiDan Edwards
My sister and I have a thing for Bumblebees. My Nana once asked "What even is the use of a Bumblebee?" At a family dinner, completely out of context, totally randomly and made everyone laugh. You kinda 'had-to-bee-there' 😉but we loved Nana and have loved Bumblebees ever since.🐝
Lam HoangMerci Victoria Grace𝙈𝙤𝙣𝙩𝙮
I'm moving house so use Rightmove to check out the market. The thing is, I've found the house, but still can't stop looking. It's so addictive. I spend ages looking at properties I certainly cannot afford as well as in areas we're not moving to. Is this healthy/normal behaviour?!
Memento GearLam HoangCharlotte
Great for taking on vacation. No glare, is super light to carry, and can handle all my books at once.
vicky flores najasJuan VaamondeMarie Lotode Chandra
Bright colours and fun patterns for your feet! Perfect gift for your toes.
Dan EdwardsMemento GearValeriy Andrikeev
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