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Deen stacked AntStack
Highly knowledgeable in Serverless space. Learning a lot from them.
Hits the right spots and may not be upto the XM3's or 4's level, but gets the job done.
Deen stacked Nuzzel
A really good alternative to keep up with your Twitter feed news as it extracts and puts up based on your interests with no bias towards anything. Get to the roots of it.
Flying cars and football but I wish it was that easy as it seems. It's fun to take you head off in this when you are laid back.
AaronStefan NatterKenneth
Deen stacked MusicButler
Keep up with your music tastes, new releases and never miss a beat. Just sync in your Spotify, Apple Music or whatever, the butler will do the rest. Enjoying it so far.
Deen stacked Endel
I'm mainly using their web app and not the app. Personally it's kinda puts me on the spot and helps me zone in and the looks and UX is pretty damn cool and minimal. Loving it so far!
Nathan SuddsColeman FoleyMicah Carroll
Deen stacked Fall Guys
I love beans.
Deen stacked Bitwarden
Go-to password and essential locker. Available across all platforms, tonnes of features to get your password sorted and login options. Open source as well.
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