Simone Masiero

Simone Masiero


Creator of Hacker Typer. Always trying to learn something new.

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The easiest way to make screen recordings. Nothing even comes close.
Calendly is absolutely amazing. Looks good and is simple and clear to use for everyone involved.
English not being my native language means I need a little extra help with my grammar
As a developer that often works alone on side projects, having a simple tool to do some basic design work is essential. Figma ticks all the boxes I need, lightweight, easy and flexible.
Eyes are important. What else do you need?
Airbnb made it so that I can travel on a budget since most of the time, by splitting a place with my partner, the cost of a cheap accommodation is less than a single hostel bed.
The moment I first used Vivaldi, I fell in love. Highly customisable, timely updates, many great features all the while keeping a friendly look and being performant. Also, it's compatible with all the Chrome extensions, so you won't miss out on those.
As a digital nomad, I am constantly on the move, and having access to different currencies at a low cost is absolutely essential.
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