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Desinternauta stacked Flux
When night comes, it removes blue light from screen to make it easy on your eyes and help you sleep. A must have.
Desinternauta stacked Pocket
Awesome app to save a shitton of pages that I'm never going to read 😂
Desinternauta stacked Uber
I never really used taxi before, but now I use Uber all the time.
Desinternauta stacked Brave
Built for privacy and ad-free experience. Best browser, specially on mobile. Also BAT is interesting concept to be rewarded for viewing ads and help content creators.
One of the best TV show ever.
Cheap, vanilla Android, decent features. Good enough.
I like simple. And Google Podcast is very simple, get the job done.
The issue is not ads, but the annoying intrusive ones, and ad locker prevent them from ruining my browsing experience.
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