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Vlad stacked Procreate
I spend at least 1 hour a day on it.
Emma ButlerJesse RussellMorgan Crutchfield
Vlad stacked Bartender
Still new to the bartender (I know 🤦), but really like how minimalistic my menu bar is
Automate Your MacRahulJesse Russell
Vlad stacked HBO GO
The kid's section is a lifesaver during the team calls.
Vlad stacked Waze
For me, this is the best navigation app out there. Accurate, fast and reports are always spot on. Beats car manufacturer navigations in a million times.
Uzi CohenPASCAL TIEMANNhardcorenik
Vlad stacked IFTTT
Great combination with Todoist
I used to use it a lot. Understanding your sleep cycle is quite interesting, especially BMP over the cycle
Radoslav Stankov
Vlad stacked iPad Mini
Really love the size. I use it with the drone to get better view of the surroundings and primary ebook device.
Max Yakin Bozek スPASCAL TIEMANNrp
Vlad stacked Genious Scan
Great for scanning physical invoices, receipts etc. and store them in one place.
Theresa BradyMitchell Fox.mo {
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