I'm a tech and design enthusiast/ UX Designer🧙🏿‍♂️. My areas of interest are Visual Language, Brand Design, and Iconography.

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David stacked Adobe XD
A simplistic yet interface, easy to create vector designs, prototyping, and beyond. My go-to tool for visualizing ideas quickly.
David stacked NucleoApp
A quick and easy way to keep a library of icons. The tagging system and global settings options help reinforce design consistency.
David stacked Spotify
This is playlist curation at a lightning-fast speed. The best suggestion algorithm around.
The easiest way for me to eliminate my browser tabs!
David stacked Mmhmm
Best name ever.
This works in synchronicity with my Google Home with very little fault.
David stacked Google Home
It's a valuable tool for saving reducing the number of notes taken manually.
A deep dive into the pain and beauty of perseverance. This book is a dramatic and emotional manual for self-accountability.
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