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Granted, I'm the creator and curator behind APPLEHYPE.com but I built something I always wanted: an Apple filter to that cuts through the noise and shows exactly 1 amazing app, 1 amazing accessory and 1 important Apple headline everyday. Scannable daily in 15 seconds or less!
AaronnoahMatt Phillipson
My favorite writing app on iPad or Mac.
DailyTekk stacked Zero
Makes fasting easier and more fun and I love the metrics and the Apple Watch app!
Ryan HooverTim KJose
DailyTekk stacked Sidecar
Using my iPad Pro as a second display for my Mac NATIVELY has been incredible. Such a good experience. Truly better than Duet Display was.
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)BradRicardo Matos
DailyTekk stacked Siri
Say what you want about it but I use it daily.
noahBradFredin Givo
My goto news app (even without +). With plus... at least I get WSJ cheaper...
AaronEmily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)Ryzal Yusoff
DailyTekk stacked YouTube
Kinda a big part of my job/life...
noahNikola NikovFredin Givo
Been around FOREVER but still my goto package tracker.
TS_RickEinar Nese JohnsenFredin Givo
YourStack Mascot