Derek Browers

Derek Browers

@DMBrowersĀ Ā 

Head of product @MomentFeed. Brazilian jiu jitsu dilettante @CarlsonGracieSB. Way too excited about something.

#bjj, #product-management, #mma, #product, #culture, #lifestyle, #startupĀ 
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Happiness in a cup. Home delivery of beans has been a life-saver during COVID.
Derek BrowersĀ stackedĀ Keynote
Call me a crazy, but Keynote remains my go-too tool for rapid prototyping.
Derek BrowersĀ stackedĀ Scramble
The highest quality no-gi gear that I've found out there. Great styling too.
Derek BrowersĀ stackedĀ eero
Remote work exposed the crappiness of my home wifi network. Eero fixed all that. Now my internet flies.
Derek BrowersĀ stackedĀ Peloton
Easily the best way to reset and blow off steam in the post-COVID home office.
Why flip a coin when you can just have it both ways in parallel universes?
A powerful, affordable alternative to Photoshop.
Derek BrowersĀ stackedĀ Adobe XD
Love their support for voice interface prototyping.
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