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The most confortable kicks, ever.
Leaving aside JSX, React is a powerful framework built to be future proof. With a great development ecosystem, React has become an industry standard. Efficient, simple and edge-cutting.
Jose Lugo stacked Vue.js
Entry gate for modern frontend development if you just have used jQuery or template languages like Handlebars. Really powerful, clean, intuitive and highly effective framework.
Jose Lugo stacked VS Code
A global pandemic had to happen for me to change from Sublime to VS Code, now I can't live without it.
Amazing music speaker with built-in voice assistant (Google or Alexa, you choose). It's a Wi-Fi only speaker, so you don't need your phone to stream music. You can pair it with almost every music streaming service. Great sound quality, looks amazing everywhere.
Jose Lugo stacked Paste
My life changed when I started using Paste. You have quick access to your clipboard with an excellent interface. Sadly it's now a subscription software, but hopefully this change will bring more features and better support.
Jose Lugo stacked Meeter
Easy to keeps track of my scheduled calls between different platforms
Jose Lugo stacked Numi
Excellent and easy to use calculator for macOs
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