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Morgan Crutchfield


Digital Strategist. Photog. Nittany Lion. Insta: @laxmophoto @centralmorgan

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Definitely a strange source for masks, but they're the best fitting (under chin and over nose), most comfortable, sturdy, and easily washed that I've found so far. You can also buy filter packs for them and all are pretty inexpensive. Kids' sizes are actually kid sized as well.
AaronJ. Adams
Took the hit and got a case of the blueberry. Cereal was the one food I craved on low carb but could never have. Is it exactly like your favorite? No, but it's pretty damn close. Love the Blueberry so far. Pricey? Yep. But I'm good with it if I get to eat cereal again.
Ryan HooverAaron
THE most incredible hat ever invented. High ponytails, buns, huge curly ponytails, ANYTHING will fit through the back panel and the elastic band keeps it snug without headache or hair damage. Wicking fabric makes it phenomenal for the heat. I LOVE this hat.
Ryan HooverRohit Alexanderdaisuke 大輔
This site, built by a young Black entrepreneur, quizzes you on your skincare needs then tells you which of the zillion products/brands out there are best for you BASED ON USER REVIEWS! There's also a section in the nav for Black-owned beauty brands. All around amazing & it works!
Outstanding print quality & ease of use. Got a mac? Call support right off the bat & get help with setup. Takes an hour but it will be so much easier in the long run. I use this printer to do pro prints up to 13x19 for my Etsy shop and it's been exceptional. Look for rebates!
Polarized sunglasses for $45 or less. Stylish but not heartbreaking if you drop them in the water or off your head. Surprisingly sturdy feel to them despite the price point & the collabs are killer. Becoming my go-to sunnies. Ask me for my discount if you're going to order!
Chill your kids the eff out without having to watch something terrible yourself. An amazing series of what is essentially animation ASMR with your favorite footage from Disney. Get it on Disney+. Which let's be real - if you don't have it, you're missing out anyway.
One of the best builders for Wordpress out there. Really inexpensive but takes you to that next level without having to know a crazy amount of code. Builds really beautiful sites and allows you to check them/modify them for mobile devices. Not drag and drop - better.
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