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Asana is a technology that enables managers to ask employees whether they have updated Asana
Philliz chenJoshua Voydik
The personal knowledge base app the world has needed ever since Evernote wound up in a ditch. It's too much horsepower for simple note-taking, but brilliant for organizing, storage, and search.
Brian AltmanDan EdwardsPhil
After just an hour of using Chrome, you can reliably fry an egg on your laptop.
Lizelle van VuurenEmily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)Alex Kazakov
Few other apps this old consistently make such great leaps forward. The fact that it now tells you which NYC subway exit to take feels like a miracle.
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)Raunak AgarwalFrancesco Cristelli
Track the progress of your friends' quarantine haircuts in real time.
Heidi Helen Pilypasarmchair flaneur
Timed muting — love to put noisy tweeters on silent for an auto-expiring 24-hour timeout. And timeline sync between phone and laptop is essential.
Seb JachecOnutzjakep36
Casey Newton stacked Zoom
Zoom is great because it takes focus away from the work of the day and puts it back where it belongs: on asking your coworkers to mute themselves
vicky flores najasJordan StanisciaGopikrishnan Mohan
Slack helps distribute relevant information about your company into infinitely branching silos, preventing your managers from seeing it and then asking you to do something about it
Emily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)meshNaval
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