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Even though we have electronic devices and products, TimeCube is quick and easy to use while working. You turn to different timer intervals, and it counts down to either a soft/loud beep, a flashing light, or both. Good for Pomodoro Technique in giving yourself breaks.
The app syncs with G Suite products and is available as a standalone app, that can remind, save notes, label individual notes, index them, and archive. Notes are searchable. You can speak/write notes down.
Really low-key tasty quarter-sized mint candies. Made in the Netherlands with an interesting back-history that involves paying homage to Dutch Princess Wilhelmina in the late 19th century. Available at Trader Joe's and other markets.
It's a productivity app meant for real-time time tracking for teams, but I use their individual free version to manage my time and organize myself. Free version is perfect for oneself.
For public/government affairs obsessives. C-SPAN 1 covers the House of Representatives. C-SPAN 2 cover the Senate. C-SPAN 3 covers lectures and subcommittee hearings. No punditry. Major political events air without commercials and commentary. Great archive of author interviews.
Japanese planner with dedicated pages to each day, a review page for the week, inspirational quotes on the bottom of each page, and A4 size paper binding. Most of the planner is in Japanese and there is an English version, but the Techo is most intuitive for planners who write.
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They sell a great oil diffuser within the $35-40 price range that you can run as a nightlight and gradient light, as through an app on your phone called TuyaSmart. You can schedule when it turns on and off.
All you need is a library card that enrolls and you have access to great movies and documentaries including Criterion, and A24. There is a limit of credits monthly, but it's manageable with a watchlist queue.
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