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Play-dough for fixing stuff! It's so versatile, whenever you've broken something plastic, or need a custom mold (say for a camera-holder, fix a MacBook charger or better grip on a hammer) you just set it in place and it will harden. I love this stuff, it's such a life-saver!
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It makes the touch bar a whole lot more efficient! I can now see what's currently playing, switch between open applications and see the date all from my touchbar.
My impulse buy this month - and god was it worth it. It's a water carafe with a stick of activated charcoal in it. Just makes water taste so much better, makes me feel a little more bougie and it's a good incentive to remember to drink water if it's right next to me as I work.
I love this wallet, because it keeps my cards safe (RFID-blocking) and I can easily pop out and pay contactless with one hand - useful when carrying groceries. It's super durable, incredibly slim & it's a surprisingly good conversation-piece as it's pretty funky!
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I'm interested in finding new podcasts, but I find Apple Podcasts and other apps way too busy, and as I'm on unlimited data, I don't want to download any of my podcasts automatically. Acast is just a really minimalistic podcast player which isn't all up in your face!
There's truly nothing more satisfying after a long day than doing off-road racing in a game with decent damage accuracy. It's high-paced fun, where at a moment's notice you can ram your friends off the road if they're catching up on you. I hope DVLA/DMV don't use YourStack 👀
I've just started experimenting with this for social for PH. I'm a bit obsessed with getting correctly framed & sized cards for Twitter, and I've found this is the first GIF maker, you can use, setting the pixel ratio before capturing. Super useful!
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Keeps my herbs alive! Essentially it's a kitchen herb garden with a UV light that lights up throughout the day. You can buy their pre-seeded potted herbs, chillis, and other plants and just throw them in or make your own with their starter kits.
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