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Did this mug cost £15? Yes. Is it really gorgeous? Absolutely, and totally worth it 😁
Jose IglesiasJun Gong
More than real sticky notes or a notebook or Todoist, these are my go-to productivity tool. I have 5+ stickies with to-do's, draft Slack messages, links, and more across my Desktop. The best thing of all though is that you can make them float above your apps!
Dan EdwardsJun GongJérôme
It's a convenient and simple app for keeping a bunch of services in one place, built specifically for Messenging apps. I like the flexibility it offers me to have different Slack channels, messengers, and calendars open at the same time, without too much commitment to the setup.
Juan Vaamonde
It's a brilliant coffee machine, which looks a bit like a SpaceX rocket with each coffee tasting brilliant. Each capsule has a barcode on the top of it, that the machine reads so that it can brew each coffee correctly. The capsules are more expensive but it's totally worth it!
Jun GongLeandro Ardissone
When studying in the UK, I really miss Swiss German (I don't know why - it's not a beautiful language 😅). This menubar app lets you access any radio station you want, quickly and easily. You can sort by country & find podcasts from the chosen country too.
Been loving this game since getting the Oculus Quest! It's like Guitar Hero meets Star Wars lightsabers and it's a really great workout just to get you moving around to some music.
Bought an Oculus Quest after the positive reviews for it, here on YourStack. You have incredible freedom using it, as it's completely wireless and got an in-built PC. It's admittedly heavy on the face it's a lot of fun to use and truly immersive!
Micah CarrollPuša StudiosOuadie
Calum Webb stacked BeeZen
It's got this amazing flavor of honey, lavender, and peach. It's fairly sweet, but diluted in a glass of iced water and it's the perfect non-alcoholic summer drink. The company also gives part of its proceeds to building beehives 🤗🐝
Jun GongRahulLeandro
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