Blake Burch

Blake Burch


Enthusiast of new technology, digital media, automation and board games. Co-founder of @shipyardapp. Previously Head of Data Services at @AgencyPMG.

#dataviz, #data, #data-science, #marketing, #ux, #ui, #startup +4
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Data privacy is a must nowadays. I trust Firefox has my best interest at heart while I browse.
My introductory device into the world of VR. Great for trying out new experiences and seeing where that industry is headed.
Blake Burch stacked Steam
My platform of choice for buying and playing PC games. They do a great job of curating content.
High quality chair for the office that forces good posture. If you can find it discounted, you should pick it up.
RahulStefan NatterBill Petro
Great desks for sitting or standing. Bought it so I could ensure better ergonomics in my home office. High quality design and it should last for years.
Blake Burch stacked Figma
As a non-designer, Figma has made it incredibly easy for me to mockup and share the visual ideas that are in my head.
The most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. Wouldn't mind if I never had to wear any others.
Jesse Russell
Love the portability and all of the Nintendo exclusives. Perfect for travel.
Jesse Russell
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