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Binyamin Green


Student / Writer / Developer / Musician

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It's very humbling that Mitch Albom (author) wrote about it from his own perspective. He had become lost in life, and he revealed it to the world.
It's easy to comment and ask questions, because it's open-source. The maintainer is always open to suggestions.
Because it's web-based, it works on linux. Plus their student plan is awesome.
Obsidian is free, and the developers are extremely friendly.
This podcast is short (<10m), informative, and well-written. Also, host Jonathan Cutrell has the perfect voice and tempo.
It's beautiful, functional and free. Very friendly staff as well.
Max Yakin Bozek ス
Makerlog is a wonderful community of developers, writers, and entrepreneures. Motivates me.
Peter ThaleikisEly Fornoville
Awesomely free, and very powerful. Great for static sites. It's got SSL, GitHub integration, cloud functions, and post-processing. It's an easy step up from gh pages.
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