Binyamin Green

Binyamin Green


Student / Writer / Developer / Musician

#code, #product-design, #freelancing, #maker, #podcast, #ux, #scifi +9
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This podcast is short (<10m), informative, and well-written. Also, host Jonathan Cutrell has the perfect voice and tempo.
It's beautiful, functional and free. Very friendly staff as well.
Max Yakin Bozek ス
Makerlog is a wonderful community of developers, writers, and entrepreneures. Motivates me.
Peter ThaleikisEly Fornoville
Awesomely free, and very powerful. Great for static sites. It's got SSL, GitHub integration, cloud functions, and post-processing. It's an easy step up from gh pages.
Works on desktop properly #FlipPhone
It works on Linux
YourStack Mascot