Beth Thayne

Beth Thayne


Foodie. Fitness. Start up fanatic. Product builder. Former co-founder at The Hard Yard - now at Provenance.

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It validated a lot of the thoughts I have about monogamy, changed my perception on my own relationships and just generally liberated me from being confined to the boundaries of 'normal' relationship.
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Brilliant books trimmed down to 15 minutes? Hello productive learning!
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It's basic I know - but their Discovery recommendations, Made for You, general user flow for discovering new sounds all really make it the best place for someone who listens to music curiously and always wants to discover new things.
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It's like the ultimate handbook for building products - tangible, actionable guidance and lots of different ideas for how to run things in your team.
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It's so easy to set up, and the reporting they provide is a real differentiator.
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