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Tab junkie. Relentlessly curious. Product, Growth @Rev. ex-@zenefits, @gcvp. Angel in 20+ companies.

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Incredibly comfortable - great cushioning on the sole and perfectly fit my feet.
AaronRahulMark Bucknell
By far the best library app out there. Free books. Free audiobooks. Great reader experience.
High-quality paper, great lining, easy to carry around, and it comes in my favorite color (purple). I have over a dozen of these filled with my writing and another dozen waiting to be filled.
Before the 0.38 black Muji pen, I thought I had bad handwriting. Turns out I was using the wrong type of pen. This pen has changed my life and made writing a delight.
Ryan HooverAaronJavier Rodriguez
Great content and high-quality trainers.
Straightforward steps to building a world-changing company. Thiel is axiomatic in his thinking and the content is very approachable.
Simple and easy to use with my other apple products.
Perfect balance of skill and luck with progressive difficulty
Elen Udovichenko
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