Brendan Weinstein

Brendan Weinstein


Product Manager & Data Analyst | Product Hunt: NYC Meetup Host Golden Kitty Nominee: Community Member of the Year

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Telegram +++
Comfort = 💯
Incredibly talented and helpful founders. Powerful membership and gated content capabilities without writing a line of code... @Duncanhamra and Tyler are incredible founders and always extremely helpful!
JCVince Nguyen
Very useful tool for meeting agendas or meeting minutes / notes. Love having meeting agendas accessible as an extension for quick reference.
Hiba Amin
Clean UI and easy to collaborate. Feels like Notion (with a bit of Dropbox Paper) and gotta love the Product Hunt Launch Guide starting template they provide 😜
Easy to use, clean UI, free shares to friends
Coleman Foley
Continuous flow between work and conversation
Calum Webb
Seamless, efficient, awesome maker, awesome UI
Mohd Danish
YourStack Mascot