Azra Bihorac

Azra Bihorac


CyberEmpath, Physician Data Scientist, Intensivist-Nephrologist-Informaticist, Transhumanist. Balkan soul-all in one.

#analytics, #feminism, #reading, #data, #cooking, #lifestyle, #theater +4
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Fantastic and total replacement for social glass of wine.
Ryan Hoover
Azra Bihorac stacked Muse
I have Muse since the day it hot market-It allowed me to learn to mediate, discover my inner distractors and handle my hypereactivity.
Keep my family in one circle - piece of mind for sure...
App is so basic-yet addictive. I browse and indulge in samples and then go though them like I used to do in old fashioned book store...
Must have -for home office, family organization and business version for all my research team.
convenient , great for exercise.
My watch is my best companion.
Dark blue with smartphone app is my favorite.
Jesse Russell
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