If I could only have one sandwich from Subway for the rest of my life—deserted island scenario—Meatball Marinara is my ride or die. Toasted, with black olives.

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Kenneth stacked Audacity
When I first started podcasting, Audacity was my go-to audio editor. It had everything I needed to produce episodes as an amateur podcast creator, and the fact that it's freeware is icing on the mic. I still use it!
The launch of the Switch synced up perfectly with my move to Europe. It's the epitome of portable gaming—I can't tell you how many train rides and flights I spent finding the best tray table positions for both my console and my beer.
Classic Neil Gaiman, stripped down to a magical viable product. Within these pages, answers disguise themselves as lines in a poem.
Kenneth stacked Twitter
It's the only app I use EVERY • SINGLE • DAY. My favorite social network by far, and that's coming from someone who—over a decade ago—used to tweet by texting 40404.
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Kenneth stacked Spotify
Seamlessly stream an ever-growing library of music and podcasts synced across multiple devices.
Saying "Echo" is one less syllable than saying "Alexa."
Kenneth stacked Destiny 2
Bungie's lore and worldbuilding have always been top-notch, and Destiny is no exception. The gunplay? Creatively rewarding.
The iconic design of Apple's 1st generation wireless earbuds plus super-fast charging make up for the AirPods' battery life issues.
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