Anderson da Silva

Anderson da Silva


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Best tool for management of remote connection like protocol RDP ( remote desktop connection ), VPN, SSH, etc
Been able to support creators by micro payments while consuming content over the internet ( #WebMonetized )
The little insights that give ideas to work better
Been able to make a long call, compared with other tools maybe allows fewer people, but still worth
The Calorie Coins it's a great way to stay motivated.
Anderson da Silva
Great tool to plan work and personal life in many areas
I can read and click in links from the description of the episode. Something that other apps are hard to do or even don't have the feature. Also in some perspective, it works like a social network where I can comment, mark as favorite and share
The ability to give powers to my personal and work email account that helps me be a little less worry about what's is important and what I have to focus
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