Andrew Warner

Andrew Warner


I run Mixergy, a site where founders help each other by telling their stories and teaching what they do best.

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My favorite whiskey. I can’t explain how it tastes or what makes it so good, but if you can get it, try it for yourself. Amazing.
AaronNavalKapil Kale
On the iPad, I can send web pages to it and highlight important parts. Then, export just the highlights to anywhere I need to read them.
Don’t laugh. I used to think it was a weak replacement for Google Docs or Microsoft Word. But on the iPad, with the Pencil, I love how I can quickly read a doc & mark it up with a highlighter. Even if I add text, everything I highlighted or circled stays in place.
Radoslav StankovAaronVlad
It allows for private sharing for photos, videos & notes. It doesn’t even have a “share on Instagram” button, despite the fact that it would help them get more users.
I like to take notes on people I talk to. Most phone book apps make it too hard. Cardhop allows one tap addition and even adds a time stamp, so I have context when I read notes like “going on vacation next week.”
Ryan HooverNavalCalum Webb
I use my old Watch version 0 to keep track of my sleep. This just works, and it integrates with the health app.
Super fast email, but if you’re on this site, you already know that and you’re either using it or looking for an invitation so you could get access.
F all the noisy chat apps and distracting task apps. Basecamp combines it all into a quiet, focused project management app.
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