Alexa Kilroy

Alexa Kilroy


Director of Marketing & Ops @TalkHowdy. Dog mom, pasta lover, & startup junkie.

#marketing, #tech, #startup, #freelance, #fitness, #startups 
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Alexa Kilroy stacked Talk Howdy
Small group communities w/ virtual meetups for whatever interests you’re into. Current loving my DIY brides crafting group.
Alexa Kilroy stacked AngelList
My favorite hiring tool in the startup world. Awesome talent & also fun to scope for consulting projects.
Alexa Kilroy stacked Instacart
Health saver for the eternally busy. Get your fresh groceries delivered to your front door.
Alexa Kilroy stacked Miro
It’s everything - a digital whiteboard, product mock-up space, virtual sticky notes... whatever you need, Miro’s got it.
I read PH every morning and make it a mission to try at least 2-3 new products a week. Endless source of innovative ideas & products to support your needs.
Alexa Kilroy stacked Peloton
A fun full on cardio workout without dancing. Bonus: it’s in my bedroom, just steps away from my shower.
Alexa Kilroy stacked Airtable
I use Airtable as our CRM, our branding materials catalog, a place to store meeting notes — opportunities are endless and I’m hooked.
Alexa Kilroy stacked Codenames
My quarantine addiction. Great brain exercise via word association + fun to play with your bubble.
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