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Probably the best fitness companion I’ve had so far. The watch motivates me to close my rings and get moving everyday, pair it with your AirPods and you can go for a run leaving your phone behind. Awesome product!
It’s fast easy to use. The occasional free delivery voucher is a bonus!
I work in an open plan office which, I’m sure a few people can relate to, can get a little noise at times. The AirPod pro’s have great noise cancelling and if your like me and can’t wear over the ear headphones for a long time they are well worth it.
Great recommendations, easy to navigate and a fantastic array of content.
The song recommendations aren’t as good as Spotify. But if your an Apple user it’s a great service.
Radical Candor is a must read for anyone working In the early stages of their career or working in a startup. There are some amazing insights in this book, it’s worth keeping around.
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Great sounding speaking, once you get one you will wonder how you lived without Alexa.
Aldaborgs stacked Asana
Asana integrates with just about anything. They have great automated workflows and multiple templates ready off the bat.
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