Adam Williams

Adam Williams


I simply love to optimise things for speed and ease. UX and Product nerd. Tool and shortcut fanatic.

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It's multi-platform consistency is just the best i've tried and I love the compatibility and integration into everywhere I live online.
Coloured lights just really transform a space that otherwise is completely ordinary. Great quality product, but pretty expensive compared to the competition and other good alternatives coming out. App and controls are decent and on par with best, I would say.
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I always forget to wear it, actually. But it's what I have available to use.
On ps4, nostalgia playing with mates from school who used to absolutely tear up on Modern Warfare 2. Gameplay is pretty decent, but most important is social.
Good hearty fun. Easy to pick up with newbies. Quick games a good game. Element of luck which keeps it getting too competitive and ruining the sunday funday.
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