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Dad and tech guy. Building in public.

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Adam Rochette stacked Supabase
I can't say enough good things about Supabase. If you're looking for a SQL-based Firebase alternative, look no further.
I loved learning about the history of Intel's shift into microprocessors, but learning about strategic inflection points was a game changer.
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Adam Rochette stacked Tailwind CSS
The best choice for CSS by far. Great for non-designers to get a professional looking website going quickly.
Adam Rochette stacked Go
Great for writing readable, terse code. The best choice for writing APIs (as long as you prefer a strongly-typed language).
The best balance of cost, build quality, performance, and portability. The keyboard and trackpad are fantastic.
Adam Rochette stacked TablePlus
The best database tool there is.
Huge improvements in WSL2. Highly recommended for those that prefer working on non-Mac machines.
Adam Rochette stacked AirPods Pro
Syncs with my phone and computer perfectly. Amazing sound quality, and transparent mode is great for meetings.
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