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Pro tips
Save all your Discover Weekly tracks in a playlist

Create an IFTTT recipe for your Spotify where every Discover Weekly tracklist made for you gets added to a specific playlist so you never miss out.

Restrict access when travelling

Recently discovered that where you manage access settings for different users you can also restrict it so that if they are travelling they cannot access the vault for extra security (guessing it checks their IP)

Create as many vaults as you want and specify access

You can create an unlimited number of vaults so you can get really specific with who you give access to

Turn your roomba into a mobile DJ Parks and Rec style

I placed one of my bluetooth speakers on my roomba to turn it into a mobile DJ like Tom Haverford in Parks and Rec. Only issue is the roomba is so loud that even the speaker can't quite drown it out :(

Pair your UE with friends for ultimate party vibes

When you're out with friends or all away at the weekend you can pair your UEs

together so they all play the same track and amplify the music

Loom instructional videos to get sponsors excited about expos

If you're working with sponsors, make sure you show them the Loom videos that show how expo booths work - it's just like IRL engagement and a really cool feature.

Download the Mubi Go app for free cinema tickets

Once you subscribe to Mubi you can download a special app called Mubi Go that gets you two free cinema tickets a week.

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