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Because who can watch Love is Blind without wanting to discuss it? Netflix Party is a great way to get those couch conversations flowing during a screening no matter where in the world your friends are.
Abadesi stacked Hopin
Most virtual event platforms don't optimize for a virtual-first experience. Hopin does. It goes beyond conferencing and webinars to make online experiences feel just like IRL.
Lanre AkinyemiVinish GargRyan Hoover
Packs a punch for the size and can pair with others.
Abadesi stacked Mindset
A book that will re-wire your brain to stop limiting beliefs impacting your work.
JeanoEmily Snowdon (Née Hodgins)lindsay fuce
Abadesi stacked Barrecore
Intensive yet enjoyable workout that focuses on your core and delivers results really quickly.
AbadesiNaman Kumar
Abadesi stacked Gmail
I like to keep it simple, I've experimented with other apps but the truth is nothing can make emails fun and with the right filters and rules Gmail makes management easy and time efficient. Auto suggestions for text and scheduled send are so useful.
SankaraAbadesiAndrea Hernández
I've had mine since school days almost 20 years ago and the quality of the nib had never changed. One of the best investments I've ever made and makes my handwriting not only legible but pretty classy.
PASCAL TIEMANNAbadesiBrendan Weinstein
Abadesi stacked Jumbo
Love the weekly update on what privacy-invading data from social media has been cleaned up from my phone.
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