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Makes video calls so much more fun with special filters. Some are quite disturbing but that just makes it more entertaining.
Alexandre MouriecDan EdwardsLanre Akinyemi
Because who can watch Love is Blind without wanting to discuss it? Netflix Party is a great way to get those couch conversations flowing during a screening no matter where in the world your friends are.
Samantha HutchinsonCharlotteDhruv
Abadesi stacked Hopin
Most virtual event platforms don't optimize for a virtual-first experience. Hopin does. It goes beyond conferencing and webinars to make online experiences feel just like IRL.
Julia ChingARYHost.COMChandreyi Saha
Abadesi stacked Carrd
Love the simplicity, it took me a few minutes to set up my personal site with a custom domain. Even used it for my wedding website! The Pro package is a bargain.
Trevor MurphyRahulAlexandre Mouriec
Packs a punch for the size and can pair with others.
julien zearoRahulAlexandre Mouriec
Abadesi stacked Mindset
A book that will re-wire your brain to stop limiting beliefs impacting your work.
Joe HootmandaynaJeano
Abadesi stacked Barrecore
Intensive yet enjoyable workout that focuses on your core and delivers results really quickly.
AbadesiNaman Kumar
Abadesi stacked Gmail
I like to keep it simple, I've experimented with other apps but the truth is nothing can make emails fun and with the right filters and rules Gmail makes management easy and time efficient. Auto suggestions for text and scheduled send are so useful.
Alexandre MouriecOluSankara
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