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Pro tips
Sweet sound of rain

When using Endel on Desktop, couple with some repeating rain sounds on Youtube, it's great if you're trying to mellow out.

Flavor bomb with deglazing!

This goes for all pans, trays, whatever way you cook in. You know the slightly burnt on crispy bits that get stuck to the pan that you spend 20 minutes scrubbing off? DONT! It's flavor, silly! Simply splash some kind of alcohol / stock / lemon juice on the pan with the heat off and scrape it up. You can then reduce this for a sauce.

Simple recipe:

After cooking a steak.

Add diced shallots and a knob of butter, swirl and scrape.

Add cracked black peppercorns

Deglaze with brandy

Reduce and add a knob of butter and there you go Steak au Poivre

Pomodoro Timer

If you didn't know TickTick has it's own native Pomodoro timer on it's mobile clients.

To use go to:

Settings > Tab Bar > Enable Pomo

Hidden Genres

If you google Netflix Hidden genres you will come across a ton of codes that you add to the end of the URL for genres not immediately found some mystery gems by doing this

Advice with sharpening

Avoid any sharpening tools unless it is a whetstone, automatic and manual sharpeners will chip this knife to disrepair

Michael Buble

If you say "hey google, play micky bubbles" it will play michael buble and thats great tbh

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