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I don't think I love it, I don't understand what's going on but it sure does help take my mind off everything else.
Picked this up at the start of the year, prior to everything going down this was amazing for travel. It breaks down chefs recommendations based on affordability, atmosphere and a few other factors. Was cool to see the names of chefs I personally know being mentioned in it.
Aaron stacked Endel
Decided to give this a shot post outbreak news, normally am very skeptical about these apps but it for sure helped me regain some lost productivity from the information overload these past 2 weeks have been
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Been playing around with Hawkeye lately and it's so cool. I can imagine in a not so distant future that technology like this will become the norm, especially with a deeper focus on accessibility
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Aaron stacked Morphin
Show me another way I can be Spider-Man. I'll wait
Just downloaded this and it will quickly become a home screen favorite of mine, especially for date night
Aaron stacked TweetDeck
I mainly use this for keeping up with tech news and following lists
I don't get to play it often enough, but it's nice after a day of work to turn off and play some SpiderMan
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