Sharath Kuruganty

Sharath Kuruganty


Co-founder at 🚀 Interests include startups, B2C products, community building, and no-code!

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If you are new to newsletters and want to launch one quickly, Substack is your go-to tool. I launched my first newsletter called Productivize( today and it only took me like an hour to set up, create a post and ship it.
Peter Thaleikis
Practically almost all of my no-code projects are built using Carrd. It's one of the best intuitive, design friendly tool out there. You can literally ship a landing page or a portfolio site or a website in 5mins. And the price is 🔥🔥🔥
Brendan WeinsteinPeter ThaleikisAaron
James Clear instated the importance of habits and systems. The book helped me support the identity I want to be, a maker. Formed many habits across the years. Also made me believe and taste the power of compound interest.
Sanskar TiwariRod BlackneyShivam Dewan
Two things I love about Namecheap. Easy to buy domains and easy to make logos.
Peter Thaleikis
Sending email campaigns are now easy. Love the neat design and execution.
Because hey is the iPhone for email!
Shivam DewanLeandro Ardissone
Love the open canvas. Really an amazing tool to whiteboard and collaborate. We are building Podium with the help of Miro. All the screens are wireframed with annotations. Also love the comments section, it helps communicate thoughts with context between people.
Jun Gong
My go to podcast app.
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