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Gopher, Tinkerer, Public Speaker, Cloud, and DevOps aficionado. Proud 1x.engineer/. He/him

#tech, #prototyping, #ui, #remote, #freelance, #startups 
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s3n a6n stacked Firebase
So good and easy to use. Makes developing real-time data connections a breeze
s3n a6n stacked npm
Great and stable package registry. As a CLI tool I prefer Yarn though.
s3n a6n stacked Go
Came for the developer ergonomics, stayed for the community.
s3n a6n stacked Trello
Like Jira but without all the complicated bells and whistles. A little too simple but does the job.
s3n a6n stacked k6
Really fast, yet capable, code-first performance testing tool.
Want to grow and get stronger quickly? Then this is for you. Dead simple and with great progression
DevOps Culture 101
Fits like a glove, recharges in no-time and has really good noise-cancelling given the form factor.
YourStack Mascot