What's your favorite WFH product?
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Michelle Kwon
Michelle Kwon stacked Saratoga Sparkling Water
Investing @M13Company
This has got me converted from after being a lifetime Perrier loyalist
Kathy Tu
Kathy Tu stacked Pock
🏳️‍🌈 she/her.
I honestly wasn't sure what to do with my touchbar but this app has changed ALL of that.
Juan Vaamonde.mo {Joseph Wood
Jared Mason
Jared Mason stacked HEY
☞ web designer ✈︎ travelling with my ♥︎ Keira, drinking cof...
My email is fun to use again, and I am in complete control! Absolutely worth the price.
PolRyan HooverHeidi Helen Pilypas
Julia Markhadaeva
Julia Markhadaeva stacked to Stories
User Growth @SoundCloud
It's significantly easy to share content to IG stories.
Parker Henderson
Parker Henderson stacked LG Ultrafine 5K
Building products @RedBull. Overly passionate and optimis...
Treated myself to this at the start of WFH/quarantine and haven't looked back. Makes my work look extra crisp and it has a built-in camera!
Michael Henry
Parker Henderson
Parker Henderson stacked Baron Fig
Building products @RedBull. Overly passionate and optimis...
My go to notebooks for sketching and writing.
desi stacked Glitch
🍳 she/her ⚡️ salty ISTJ ✒️ writer 💄lots of red lipstick 🏙 C...
it's the friendly place to code and a great way for post-geocities returning coders to adapt into ~modern technology~
Coleman FoleyBram Adams𝗥𝕦𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕟
Chris Sansbury
Chris Sansbury stacked Variable Balans Kneeling Chair
Curator and sharer of things @postabdn / @aberdeencity
I stole this from my sister, as she bought the version with a back. This chair is so comfortable that when my back pain if flaring up I spend a while at my desk sitting on this. RELIEF!
Ben JunyaJulieAaron
Darya Sesitskaya
Darya Sesitskaya stacked Miro
I have 8 years of experience in product marketing, mobile...
It's the BEST of its type, really love this app. Is realtime, collaborative, with a gorgeous User Experience, free plan... I could talk like this for hours! Really recommended!
TronPhantomRyan HooverJoe Hootman
Emma Butler
Emma Butler stacked Jot
CEO of Intimately, Marketing @ Actiondesk (YC S19), Brow...
I kept seeing jot on here so I tried it myself! SO impressed. Saves me so much money because O used to have to go out and get 2 lattes a day. Now I make it super quickly myself and it truly keeps me awake all day
Jesse RussellAaron
Emma Butler
Emma Butler stacked Procreate
CEO of Intimately, Marketing @ Actiondesk (YC S19), Brow...
I took courses in college to learn how to master Photoshop and Illustrator, but as a graphic designer, Procreate is just the best! it's much easier to use, works better on ipads with the apple pencil to draw, and overall has a much better UI/UX even for a professional.
Jesse Russell
Jesse Russell stacked Poolside.fm
Product Manager at netohq.com - I ❤️ tech, product, music...
I've had this on pretty much 24/7 for the past week or so since I found it through Your Stack. Great music. Great aesthetic. Great times.
- -- .-. ... ...Alexandre MouriecColeman Foley
Blake Burch
Blake Burch stacked Aeron Chair
Enthusiast of new technology, digital media, automation a...
High quality chair for the office that forces good posture. If you can find it discounted, you should pick it up.
RahulStephen Gerena
Alan stacked Bialetti Brikka Coffee Pot
streaming live from somewhere far far away
Unlike Bialetti's Moka pot, this model produces a nice layer of crema thanks to AI, machine learning, and IoT.
Stephen GerenaAaron
Erin stacked Fitness Blender
fascinated how the internet can promote equity 🤓 @studio2...
cardio workouts from home, and often already fit in with equipment you have already, or no equipment needed!
Eric Ruleman
Morgan Crutchfield
Morgan Crutchfield stacked Vistaprint Face Masks
Digital Strategist. Photog. Nittany Lion. morgancrutchfie...
Definitely a strange source for masks, but they're the best fitting (under chin and over nose), most comfortable, sturdy, and easily washed that I've found so far. You can also buy filter packs for them and all are pretty inexpensive. Kids' sizes are actually kid sized as well.
J. AdamsAaron
Bill Petro
Bill Petro stacked Ember Mug
Technology sales enablement exec, early adopter, historian
One of the more IoT devices of the 21st century. It keeps my coffee, tea, or cappuccino at exactly the temperature I want, wherever I take my mug... at least until the battery goes dead.
DavidRahulStephen Gerena
Noticeably better sound quality than Bose and many other headphone manufacturers. These give you the flexibility of wireless or wired use; noise cancellation feature is very effective, and built-in volume control is convenient. Lack of 🔋 indicator is the only minus in my book.
Lindsay LeeElias Bizannesvicky flores najas
Zach Grosser
Zach Grosser stacked Pixel Buds
Founder/Design Director of Zacht Studios, The Presentatio...
Great replacement for my first-gen AirPods
Arthur AbadjanRyan HooverRohit Alexander
Dan Edwards
Dan Edwards stacked Dribbble
Design @ProductHunt 😻 expect emojis.
Still the best site for design inspiration and sharing your work.
Eric RulemanSai Krishna RaghunathanLukas Klinser
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