Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan stacked DuckDuckGo
Maker. A weekly newsletter on products: engineeringrowth....
no targeted advertising, no problem
Ben Junya
Kelsey Whelan
Kelsey Whelan stacked Parachute Quilted Slippers
likes arts and crafts, product @figmadesign, prev @netflix ☕️
Comfy, cozy, but not too bulky. 10/10, highly recommend, especially now that most of us are home 24/7.
Dan Edwards
Dan Edwards stacked The Little Botanical
Design @ProductHunt 😻 expect emojis.
I've got a houseplant addiction. I'm ok with it. I love those little succulents!
Morgan Crutchfield︽✵︽
Morgan Crutchfield︽✵︽ stacked Peak Design Tech Pouch
Digital Strategist. Photog. Nittany Lion. morgancrutchfie...
The most useful bag I own, and that's saying a lot. Holds 4 external drives, multiple chargers and cords, memory cards, and more and keeps them all neat and easy to reach. Just a really exceptionally designed bag. I give it as a gift to the people who have everything.
Nat Welch
Nat Welch stacked Base Camp Duffle
Author of Real World SRE. @GoogleCloud SRE. Frmr @firstlo...
I use a small Northface base camp duffle as my luggage. Given I spend about 35% of my month traveling, I need something easy, waterproof and rugged. This fits the bill.
Brandon Titus
Brandon Titus stacked Drafts
iOS Mobile Wrangler at Automattic | Avid hiker in Colorado 🌄
Drafts is the first place I begin nearly everything. The mobile app is so quick and I can pull everything up near instantaneously on my Mac. The formatting shortcuts make it easy to spiff things up and I can easily export to tons of places when I’m done.
Katerina stacked Makerpad
Everything happens through connections. I analyze network...
It has a good choice of no-code apps to integrate. Some tutorials are good, others could be improved. I'm not a big fan of the videos. They should be tagged so in you could easier watch the parts you need.
Nat Welch
Nat Welch stacked MiiR Wide Mouth 20oz
Author of Real World SRE. @GoogleCloud SRE. Frmr @firstlo...
This waterbottle is always in my backpack or on my desk and keeps my water cool all day. Fits in seat back pockets of all shapes and survives drops like a champ.
Krystle Cho
Krystle Cho stacked Siddhartha
I love to design and make things for fun. If I had a stor...
Beautiful story that everyone can relate to. If life's journey can be understood in some way, it's through this book.
AaronStefan HeinzHsu Ken Ooi
Tim Feeley
Tim Feeley stacked Dato
Hi, I'm Tim Feeley! I'm a Product Manager @Google. Before...
The missing popup calendar that is easily-accessible from a near-identical looking time widget in the macOS menu bar that replaces the system widget. Simple and effective to get a glimpse of the dates ahead (or behind!)
Tomas Vestenicky
Tomas Vestenicky stacked Leuchtturm1917
Designer, developer, problem solver. Maker of 🐻 @usefeedb...
Truly beautiful notebook. It's a joy to use. I started using it for bullet journaling but ended up taking all kinds of notes and daily learnings.
Elias Bizannes
Elias Bizannes stacked Wemo
Less is more. Call your mum. Curiosity fed the cat.
I love putting a dumb lamp onto an auto timer + switching it off with my phone. Though struggling to make the Homekit integration work which would make it even better...
Jenny Walsh
Jenny Walsh stacked Planta
Product Designer. Aerialist acrobat. Loves people.
Planta has a beautiful UI. It has a huge database of plants, with the ability to identify them by taking a photo or searching by name. Each plant includes detailed info (water needs, toxicity, light needs, etc). And of course it notifies you each day when a plant needs care.
Kes Harper
Kes Harper stacked Felix Gray
Favorite physical feature is my butt. 0.5x PM, soccer, th...
Helpful if you are on a computer regularly to combat eye fatigue/headaches. Also just look good.
Brendan Mulholland
Brendan Mulholland stacked THE BARN
Web Dev/Product/Strategy/Business/Startups/Legal Tech
Well established, Berlin-based coffee roastery. They have relationships and even dedicated plots of coffee plants worldwide, resulting in varied and interesting single-origin coffee delivered monthly.
AaronWladislawCalum Webb
Michael Brandt
Michael Brandt stacked HVMN Keto Collagen+
Co-founder of @hvmn. Marathoner & triathlete. In joyful p...
Good source of collagen protein & healthy fats, + co-factors to help collagen uptake. Tastes great in coffee or milk.
Lanre Akinyemi
Lanre Akinyemi stacked Sriracha
Food enthusiast. Traveller. Tech Lover. Liverpool FC supp...
Still haven't found something it doesn't go with 🤷🏿‍♂️
Dan EdwardsRobert OcchialiniAbhilash Gopal
Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose stacked Dram Apothecary
Partner at @trueventures. Builder of products.
0 sugar sparkling beverages made with real bitters, highly recommend
Charlotte stacked Drafts
Apple user who blogs about it 📱| Runner 🏃🏼‍♀️| Bullet Journal...
I love the voice recording on the Apple Watch app, it's super quick for getting ideas out of your head. I also use this to write my blog posts and I love it. I could not be without it now. Premium is also super cheap and awesome.
Jake Steinerman
Jake Steinerman stacked Microsoft Hololens 2
Senior #AR Engineer @ptc/@vuforia. Big fan of all things ...
This is the premier spatial computing headset on the market today. It's great hand tracking, wide FOV and comfort make it a joy to use.
Sitara Ramesh
Sitara Ramesh stacked CorePower Yoga
Testing this out
The on-demand app has a variety of classes for all skill levels and focus areas, and I enjoy that I can switch up the class type almost every day at my own time.
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