Which book has had a big impact on your thinking? 📚
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Adam Ruf
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I haven't used it yet, but I'm trying to switch from Abstract, so we can use folders for better balance between organization and Sketch file size.
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Tomasz M.
Tomasz M. stacked Zoom MS-70CDR MultiStomp
young psychiatrist in lov3 with music, technology & science
One of the most populat effect pedals out there, waited too long to get this, it's not too expensive but it's really great, lots of effects thet can be chained together.
henry rowling
henry rowling stacked Poolside.fm
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This is a fantastic station. Great to listen to while working and also really good to use as background music if you are running remote workshops when people are doing silent work :-)
Adam Ruf
Adam Ruf stacked Worthy
Product Designer @AngelList; Creator https://uxdesigncont...
I love it for parking my non-emergency savings because my money earns 5% interest (not 0.5%). Note: These are bonds, you could potentially lose money. Want a free bond? https://worthybonds.com/?r=nSDCy
Chris Messina
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Useful tool for controlling your music playback with keyboard shortcuts.
Chris Messina
Chris Messina stacked Bridge
Inventor of the hashtag. #1 Product Hunter 🏆. Ever-curiou...
Makes sending warm intros super easy and fun! Get faster access here: http://bit.ly/join-brdg
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David stacked Flipp
without rhythm - a scifi dork
Certain stores in run high-low businesses, which intend to make money off you by marking everything up while making certain items really cheap (Shoppers Drug Mart). It's actually really useful to get flyers. Not just because I used to work on this :^)
RahulJulieLanre Akinyemi
Dan Edwards
Dan Edwards stacked TinyPNG
Design @ProductHunt 😻 expect emojis.
Simply the best tool for image optimisation!
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Elen Udovichenko
Elen Udovichenko stacked Almanac
Wordsmith 👩‍💻 | Pug mom 🐶 | Yoga lover 🧘🏻‍♀️
Tons of useful resources and first-hand knowledge for startups from startups!
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vicky flores najas
vicky flores najas stacked Poolside for iPhone
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all my friends think I have cool music taste now
vicky flores najas
vicky flores najas stacked Imperfect Foods
@microsoft incoming ACE PMM @xbox | @cmcnews ‘20 🦌| prev ...
Saving money and it's good for the environment: a win-win!
AaronKarsten Chearis
Leandro stacked Poolside for iPhone
Founder at Unubo | Community at Product Hunt
The playlists are so good that I rarely skip a track. Saves me searching forever elsewhere, to find something decent to listen to. As with the desktop app and website, their branding is on point. Always good vibes!
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Mihnea Miculescu
Mihnea Miculescu stacked Vimcal
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It's the fastest, tightest and most modern calendar experience I've ever come across.
Masoud Ardestani
Jesse Russell
Jesse Russell stacked Poolside for iPhone
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Came for the music, stayed for the filter. Amazing experience. Chill vibes ✌🏻
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marcs wilkinson
marcs wilkinson stacked Medito Foundation
.gif and the cursed product design persona
Can't beat the price for a no-nonsense chilling out and getting mindful app. Good and simple design, no endless notifications, I'm really excited about just this sort of product.
Brendan Cooney
vicky flores najas
vicky flores najas stacked Bialetti Moka Pot
@microsoft incoming ACE PMM @xbox | @cmcnews ‘20 🦌| prev ...
nothing like italian espresso in the morning
Kate Potts
Kate Potts stacked Apple Watch Series 5
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Really nice to not have to have my phone on me at all times - especially at home.
Craig Davison
Craig Davison stacked adidas Ultraboost
Top guy with some top tools
Comfortable all round shoes. My ultraboots have been up mountains, at 3am gym sessions and to 10+ countries.
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kathryn de la rosa
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on dumplings, on vegetables, in stir fry, on a spoon
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Tim Feeley
Tim Feeley stacked Nova
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A native-to-Mac editor that is a delight to use. While it still needs some time in the market to develop enough of a following to get a robust set of extensions, it looks super promising!
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