Which book has had a big impact on your thinking? 📚
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Jake Crump
Jake Crump stacked HyperX Cloud
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I got this headset when I first built my PC about 6 years ago. They've been my daily headphones ever since then, and I've had zero issues with them. Still sound fantastic and are super comfortable. The best gaming headset for sure, and great overall headphones.
Ryan Hoover
Jose Lugo
Jose Lugo stacked adidas Ultraboost
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The most confortable kicks, ever.
M. stacked Shoe Dog
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Loves how relatable it was throughout the entire book.
I bought this bed. I sleep on this bed. I like this bed.
Perfectly tuned for exactly what I need; tiny app that makes calendar directly available in menubar. I'm trying the current beta, which is "pandemic-friendly". Any videoconferencing meetings automatically become buttons on the event - click it and you're instantly in the meeting.
Ryan HooverElias Bizannes
DreDurr stacked Roots
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Finding about your family history, beyond slavery. Is a very difficult treasure hunt in a black persons life. The movies, and tv show leave a lot out about the true purpose of the book. It’s not only about slavery. It’s about a man’s search to learn about his history.
Varun stacked Airr
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Best way to transcribe a podcast episode. Import your podcasts from Apple podcasts and you can save quotes from it to refer back to. You can sync this to your readwise app as well. Very, very clutch. Your timeline also shows saved quotes from other podcasts!
J. AdamsAlexandre Mouriecdayna
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy stacked Endel
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Still trying this out but I like it so far. I do seem to be able to focus more when I have it on.
Coleman FoleyJ. AdamsStefan Natter
Dan Edwards
Dan Edwards stacked Widgetsmith
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Helps me create really neat home screens for my iPhone. Definitely the best at its job, and it’s free!
Bobby ShirleyStefan NatterRadoslav Stankov
Calum Webb
Calum Webb stacked Le Creuset
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Did this mug cost £15? Yes. Is it really gorgeous? Absolutely, and totally worth it 😁
Jun Gong
Deen stacked Endel
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I'm mainly using their web app and not the app. Personally it's kinda puts me on the spot and helps me zone in and the looks and UX is pretty damn cool and minimal. Loving it so far!
J. Adams
Jessica Manipon
Jessica Manipon stacked Soundcore Liberty Air 2
Product + Execution + Fintech
These wireless earphones are the best value for money. The Soundcore equalizer app is life changing. I love using it for calls and listening to music.
Jessica Manipon
Jessica Manipon stacked MUJI Gel Ink Pen
Product + Execution + Fintech
The best pen I've ever used. It writes smoothly; the ink flows consistently; the color is bright, and most of all it is affordable. I hoard these things when I can. 🙈
Basically turns iPad into a computer - - the trackpad support is perfect for writing, editing, etc. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was surprised it didn’t fold back like the old keyboard case did. Which is fine, just takes some getting used to.
vicky flores najas
vicky flores najas stacked Rummikub
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Are you looking for a fun board game? This is it. I've been playing it for years and it really makes you think and is just overall, a good time.
DeenAdam RufGeoff Brown
Andrew Tye
Andrew Tye stacked Google Pixel 3
Founder of Cosight
One of my favorite products ever...it's unlocked by the time I have it out of my pocket, and the pictures blow me away every time. I'm tempted to buy a few extra in case future versions aren't as good...
Sean MeiAaronDavid
Adam Ruf
Adam Ruf stacked Worthy
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I love it for parking my non-emergency savings because my money earns 5% interest (not 0.5%). Note: These are bonds, you could potentially lose money. Want a free bond? https://worthybonds.com/?r=nSDCy
Adam Ruf
Adam Ruf stacked Plant
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I haven't used it yet, but I'm trying to switch from Abstract, so we can use folders for better balance between organization and Sketch file size.
Andrei M. MarinescuJulie
Tomasz M.
Tomasz M. stacked Zoom MS-70CDR MultiStomp
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One of the most populat effect pedals out there, waited too long to get this, it's not too expensive but it's really great, lots of effects thet can be chained together.
henry rowling
henry rowling stacked Poolside.fm
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This is a fantastic station. Great to listen to while working and also really good to use as background music if you are running remote workshops when people are doing silent work :-)
Coleman FoleyStefan NatterFarayi Chambati
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