James Higa
James Higa stacked Polaroid Sx 70
@philanthropicvf | 🍵yoda | 🧭investor | 🌊Japan | 🍷foodie |...
A triumph of design by Dr. Land in every way. The impossibly 'folds down to an inch' form in beautiful leather finish is timeless. Putting the power supply in the film cartridge was genius (why my 1972 model still works). I will keep this treasure alive through continued use.
Ryan Hoover
Brandon Myint
Brandon Myint stacked Evil Twin Brewing
I love hip-hop, Scandinavian design, Mikkeller beer & the...
The just as delicious counterpart to Mikkeller, Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø's selection of sours keeps me happy :)
AaronRyan Hoover
Emily stacked Sporcle
project manager interested in tech. Where are the pancakes?
Sharpen my love for geography and other random trivia! You can challenge your friends too or have a showdown with another random player.
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Calum Webb
Ryan Hoover
Ryan Hoover stacked The Courage To Be Happy
Founder of Product Hunt. Doesn't eat pancakes. 🥞
This is the follow-up to one of my favorite books, The Courage to be Disliked. The book touches on very controversial ideas around parenthood and friendship. It will challenge some of your beliefs with its counter-intuitive Adlerian ideas.
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EmilyKPIrma (Er-Ma)
Krystle Cho
Krystle Cho stacked The Roost Stand
I love to design and make things for fun. If I had a stor...
Portable little contraption turns your laptop into an ergonomic desktop. I pair it with my Contour Mouse and Apple Magic Keyboard.
Calcutta PuriColeman FoleyBen Church
Lanre Akinyemi
Lanre Akinyemi stacked Adblock Plus
Food enthusiast. Traveller. Tech Lover. Liverpool FC supp...
I use this to block annoying popup ads but whitelist sites I support
HliashmxCalum Webb
Catherine stacked Done
Product @Google. Outdoor photographer, voracious reader, ...
Best habit tracker I've found so far, after testing 5+ in the app store.
Karsten ChearisElen UdovichenkoVladyslav Sobipan
Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan stacked MailMunch
Maker. A weekly newsletter on products: engineeringrowth....
Integrated this bad boy to my webflow website. I'm quite surprised how easy and hustle free was the setup.
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Irma (Er-Ma)Peter Thaleikis
Abe stacked Mophie Dual Wireless Charging Pad
Health, tech and community tings... I'm learning. Ops @co...
A dedicated charging pad for my phone and AirPods before I go to sleep. I keep it downstairs so that I'm never sleeping with or near my phone.
Ryan Hoover
Elen Udovichenko
Elen Udovichenko stacked Oculus Quest
Pug mom 🐶 | Avid reader 📚 | Yoga lover 🧘🏻‍♀️
A perfect choice for those who want to get a taste of VR without a risk of being choked by the wires :D Very convenient and easy to setup/use
Calum WebbAaron
Shane Martz
Shane Martz stacked Black Crows Anima Skis
I made some stuff:⛷️ skiresortjobs.co ❄️ skiresortrooms.com...
Amazing big-mountain skis. I use them every day, powder, trees, cliffs, even groomers!
Calum Webb
Garry Tan
Garry Tan stacked Jabra Evolve 75 E
Writes software, dreams
I live on calls all day these days and this gives me 14 hours battery and a nice charger base. Works with both phone and computer at the same time.
KAI stacked SNOO
Aspiring Internet legend 🙃 😜
We try to be very low-tech with our kids, but this thing saved us some sleep with the second child. It is pricy, but they offer a rental version. We only needed it for the first three months. Worth every penny if you value your sleep.
JeremyKrystle ChoKunal Bhatia
Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan stacked Loom
Maker. A weekly newsletter on products: engineeringrowth....
I record videos of the product that I built for my customers. Also going to use to make mini-tutorials. Loving it right now.
Aynul HabibNorman ChellaDouglas Evaristo
Catherine stacked AutoSleep
Product @Google. Outdoor photographer, voracious reader, ...
I use it for tracking all phases of sleep. It freaks me out by telling me I don't get enough quality sleep though.
Heath BlandfordAndrewTim K
Tiffany Chen
Tiffany Chen stacked bubly
student @Princeton // athlete @PrincetonTennis // founder...
Great flavor and fun branding, the pop tab says "hiiiiii" which I appreciate
Kelvin YuAustin TeaguePeter Chane
lindsay fuce
lindsay fuce stacked Om Mushrooms
creator with a background in research. mainly interested ...
I started supplementing with mushrooms when I was in high school and they revolutionized my immune functions, brain-health, and general well-being. I love buying individual powders and making my own blends!
Elias BizannesCatherineFilip Kowalski
Karsten Chearis
Karsten Chearis stacked Dont Waste Your Life
Impacting those who can’t wait for age to bring maturity....
This book is both convicting and captivating, and it helped shaped my worldview and drive for success.
John Pilmur QXDavidRadoslav Stankov
Arielle Zuckerberg
Arielle Zuckerberg stacked Van Moof
The fastest and most fun way to commute. Also the best-looking ebike on the market.
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Srishti Jain
Srishti Jain stacked Curefit
Building the product @PaytmMoney
They have group classes in top cities of India, deliver healthy food and have therapy sessions. The best best thing on this app right now (during COVID-19 crisis) are the Cult Live classes that stream every hour. Helping you keep your fitness goals on track!
Matthew Pierce
Matthew Pierce stacked D&D Beyond
Storyteller, video creator, speaker, Dungeon Master & gee...
As a DM & player of Dungeons & Dragons it's easy to manage characters & have everything I need to run campaigns, like sourcebooks, handbooks, monster manuals. Subscribers, depending on the level, can share all of your purchases with your players- up to 12 players in 3 campaigns.
Jesse RussellMax M.Lanre Akinyemi
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