Which book has had a big impact on your thinking? 📚
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Anna stacked Paper Dropbox
illustrator / web designer / tech geek - Athens 🇬🇷
Easy to collaborate on a flexible shared doc. Good for creating a timeline and communicating with clients, without losing track of messages and emails. Keeps everyone on the same page.
Heidi Helen PilypasLam HoangMaximilien Moreau (Max)
Anna stacked Figma
illustrator / web designer / tech geek - Athens 🇬🇷
Best design tool for solo and collaborative use. Easy to create interactive prototypes. Speeds up development by providing CSS snippets.
Heidi Helen PilypasMicah CarrollLam Hoang
Anna stacked 1 Feed
illustrator / web designer / tech geek - Athens 🇬🇷
I can’t recommend 1Feed (and its optional Pro subscription) enough! It’s not just an RSS reader; it’s the central hub for all the websites you want to check on a regular basis. Instead of overwhelming you with an infinite feed of updates, each site takes up just one line!
Binyamin GreenBIG.UA
Anna stacked Whereby
illustrator / web designer / tech geek - Athens 🇬🇷
Get a virtual room link that anyone can use to join a video call without making an account. Works on desktop and mobile without issues. Reliable and good looking. Free plan sufficient for most use cases.
Lachlan Campbell
Lachlan Campbell stacked Castro Podcasts
(they/them) NYU ‘23. Hacktivist, designer, JS developer, ...
Unique design, queue system, & all the audio features of Overcast
Lam HoangRowe MorehouseRaghav Sharma
Lachlan Campbell
Lachlan Campbell stacked Darkroom
(they/them) NYU ‘23. Hacktivist, designer, JS developer, ...
Super fast & makes editing very comprehensive/accessible, especially on iPhone
Adam LenoLam HoangCarlos.
Julie stacked Edison
Head of Product Design YourStack + Product Hunt
I recently switched to Edison and after 2 weeks of intense use, I'm a big fan. Love how it handles the emails of the day, especially because I have 6 different email addresses to manage. It saves so much time.
Lam HoangMd. Ariful IslamRaffaele Vitale
Katerina stacked Nintendo 3DS
Everything happens through connections. I analyze network...
By now the kids play it more often than I. I got two so that they can play against/with it each. Good introduction product.
Hideo HideoazerbluuAndrew
lindsay fuce
lindsay fuce stacked Lull
creator with a background in research. mainly interested ...
Ordered a bed a few months ago and was slightly suspicious, but so far I love it. And that says a lot coming from someone with lower back issues lol :)
Lam HoangRowe Morehouse磨磨唧唧
lindsay fuce
lindsay fuce stacked Vivino
creator with a background in research. mainly interested ...
Love using Vivino to keep track of the wines that I love. Similar to Goodreads or Yelp but for my personal preferences of wine.
Gunnar SvalanderLam HoangRowe Morehouse
Wilhelm Rahn
Wilhelm Rahn stacked Among Us
Product 🧡, UX ⚡, 👁 Design
Free to play, easy to grasp, gets deeper the more you play. It's a bit like a book. The more you get into it, the better it gets. Pros ✅ - Mini Crewmates - IAPs done right Cons ❌ - No portrait mode
Lam HoangRowe MorehouseAnna
Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan stacked Notion
Maker. A weekly newsletter on products: engineeringrowth....
I always had a journal but after my friend added me on her Notion workspace, it changed my life. Now I have everything there. Everything is planned and the connections between the pages and the widgets make me happy little type A person. can't recommend enough
Bryan MendezJohn McTavishazerbluu
ruchi stacked Calm
Building communities at Bevy. Nittany lion for life!
Got Calm through work and I love the ambient sleep sounds. Also love that sleep tracks now don’t mess with my Spotify algorithm😍
Heidi Helen PilypasSabin RodriguezValentin Cazaciuc
Juan Cifrian
Juan Cifrian stacked Bose Quietcomfort
Language coach for Brazilians 👨🏻‍💻🇧🇷 Biz coach for online tea...
These are my go-to for travel and music, but they just got retired from online calls thanks to my new AirPods Pro. Worth noting that after two years, there's some significant wear and tear on the padding, but the noise-canceling is amazing.
azerbluu𝗥𝕦𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕟Elen Udovichenko
Juan Cifrian
Juan Cifrian stacked AirPods Pro
Language coach for Brazilians 👨🏻‍💻🇧🇷 Biz coach for online tea...
These are a gamechanger for online calls, though I do still use my USB mic for a crisper, more professional sound. Still, much more comfortable than expected, the noise-canceling is scary good, and they're seamless with my Macbook. Now, as for my Pixel...
𝗥𝕦𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕟Elen UdovichenkoPASCAL TIEMANN
Alexandre Mouriec
Alexandre Mouriec stacked Opal
Full Stack Developer and Full Time Curious
I have been using Opal for the past couple of weeks to reduce screen time and be more focused and my experience has been fantastic 👏
Lam HoangAnnaelbz
Adam Bader
Adam Bader stacked AirPods Pro
👨🏻‍💻Product Manager (ex: @realmadrid, @beinsportsusa & other...
How can you live without a pair of AirPods? They are simply the best earbuds I've ever used. Small, fit nicely, good sound quality, and they charge fast. Not as good as the AirPods Pro, but better than anything else on the market.
Jonathan KoganEric Rulemanazerbluu
vicky flores najas
vicky flores najas stacked Vivino
@microsoft incoming ACE PMM @xbox | @cmcnews ‘20 🦌| prev ...
helps me keep track of the wines i like, the new wines i try, and my trends
Lam HoangAlexa KilroyStefan Heinz
I bought this bed. I sleep on this bed. I like this bed.
PatrickJohn McTavishAlexa Kilroy
Sarah A. Downey
Sarah A. Downey stacked Oculus Quest
Interests of a 17 year-old boy in the guise of an adult f...
The first truly consumer-friendly VR headset IMO because it's totally self-contained without any annoying wires hanging off your head and is reasonably priced for how powerful it is.
Lam HoangAnnaJake Steinerman
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